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Advertise with ActiveSoul
Advertise with ActiveSoul

Now you can reach active souls every day while they're engaged in the activity they love! This advertising opportunity lets you get in front of members while they interact with our mobile app, providing a high level of engagement and activation.

And using geolocation services, your ad is presented based on the user's current location. This allows you to connect with people in moments when your message is most relevant!.

Advertise on ActiveSoul, and get your product in front of a targeted audience of active souls who are passionate about fitness and can relate to your brand.


The right audience

More than 200,000 members use ActiveSoul, the premier fitness site for active people. When you advertise on ActiveSoul, you get your brand in front of an exclusive, highly-targetted consumer.

ActiveSoul Ads let you designate the audience by age, location, interests and more. This results in more effective ads and your message isn't lost in the clutter of irrelevant information like the typical audience of a generic social network.


Advertise with ActiveSoul


Advertise with ActiveSoul

Active souls want to hear from you!

Every day, millions of fitness enthusiaste share their workouts and connect with like-minded athletes around the globe.

Your ad is placed right along side the information being shared and in activity feeds. And as the premier social network for active people, your brand is more relevant and gets noticed by consumers looking for fitness-related products and services.

Effective results

Advertising on ActiveSoul is simple and affordable. It gets you in front of the right customer in the right context that is relevant to your product or service. Your ad engages the user and lets you offer discounts, direct them to your store or website, or share relevant information.

You get real-time reports to show the status and results of your ads and you can quickly and easily modify your ad settings to maximize performance.