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    Wellness Companies
    Healthier employees - Workout accountability - Easy integration

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    HR Departments
    More productive employees - Higher participation rates - Exciting fitness options

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    Running Events
    Search and find running events - Signup Via the app - Get credit with wellness programs!
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corporate wellbeing

We are a corporate wellness tool that fits the fitness needs for ALL employees regardless of their workout preference. With the Corporate Wellbeing market booming - the fitness offering needs to be done differently to appeal to employees with varying interests. We have that and a full backend interface to reduce admin and tracking for HR and Wellness professionals. Can even facilitate gym reimbursement and incentive payment automatically.

App functionality

• Find a class anywhere anytime - 250,000 workout classes a day countrywide

• Find an organized race, register and have us verify completion

• Sync your wearable device so you get credit for fitness activity on your own (Click here to view supported devices)

• Use GPS tracker on app for independent workouts

• Join a Gym and have your “front desk” check in activity tracked (being populated now)

• Register your fitness tracker - i.e. Nike Run, Strava, etc.

Backend functionality

    • API for direct real time data interface with corporate wellness provider and/or customizable dashboard for employer use

stop paying for gym memberships your employees don’t use!

Gym reimbursement benefits to employer

    • Only pay for actual activity - savings average 52% on unused memberships

    • Employees are happy, healthier, and more productive

    • Great employee retention tool

    • Only gym reimbursement program that can automatically interface with your existing wellness platform

    • "Real Time" dashboard available to broker, HR and wellness manager

Gym reimbursement features

    • No membership needed

    • 25,000 gyms and studios available

    • Can set “use parameters,” i.e. "if you workout 6 times you get $60"

    • Automated payroll reimbursement reports based on set parameters

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employees active?

ActiveSoul is essential for high-engagement in Wellbeing programs. Our app increases fitness activity for employees, integrates directly with your technology and is seamless to all.


• Find, book and track drop-in fitness classes at over 25,000 studios countrywide

• Join a gym near home or work; search by amenities, location, and price

• Sync a wearable device (Click here to view supported devices)

• Use GPS tracking in app for independent workouts

• Find an organized running race

• Coming soon - sync fitness trackers (i.e. strava, etc.)

• Purchase and track punchcards at your favorite studios


Wellbeing providers:

• Only fitness offering that appeals to entire employee population regardless of fitness level

• Direct, personalized push notifications and communication to encourage participation

• Reduced cost because of automated process

• Real-time reports or custom dashboards of workouts

• Automated billing for gym memberships, if applicable

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Travel is not a workout excuse.

You're on business in Chicago and you've got an hour before your next meeting. Make it count with ActiveSoul, an on-demand gym class scheduler and corporate wellness tracker that makes it easy to search, book and go get the workout you need. Don't waste time searching online, asking the concierge or working out in a hotel gym box, confidently venture out and about with ActiveSoul and kick your body and mind into full gear.

Now boarding.

Turn Friends into Motivation

Game on. Invite like-minded friends to accept your challenge and take part in a little friendly workout competition, that will keep you and them moving! With ActiveSoul, you can:

    • Track number of classes each person has taken.

    • Track distance each person runs, bikes, and walks.

    • Set start and end date for the challenge.

    • Make the challenge interesting by placing a wager.

    • Get real-time updates to see who's in the lead.

    • Create single or multiple two-person challenges.

    • Push notifications when your challenge signs up for a class.

The bonus? Epic bragging rights and winner claims the wager.

Place your bets.

Here’s Why You Need This App!

Be Awesome Everywhere.

Fitness is part of your day, part of your life, so make time for it - even when you're on the road. ActiveSoul makes it easy and convenient to squeeze in a workout. After all, working out is cheaper than therapy

Be On Time.

You booked a class - check. Now, how do I get there? With this app, you can automatically set it to schedule a Lyft pickup based on your location and the class time. You're running out of excuses!

Be Fit On The Go.

Yoga. Boxing. CrossFit. Zumba. Whatever you're in the mood for, use this fitness app to browse gym schedules near you, filter by class type, cost, users ratings and proximity to your location. The tough part will be picking just one.

Be Accountable.

When it comes to fitness, everyone says they worked out a little harder or longer than they usually do. The proof (or lack there of) is in the data. With this app you can track and share past sessions with friends or participating wellness programs. No fudging results with this app.

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  • Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.

    John F. Kennedy
  • The greatest wealth is Health.

  • Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.

    B. K. S. Iyengar
  • To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.

    William Londen
  • A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul; a sick body is a prison.

    Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626)

Tap into the best app for gym classes at home or on the road.

You are an ActiveSoul, just like us. Regardless of where work or life takes you, staying healthy and working out is what keeps you on top of your game. With ActiveSoul, you can search and book a wide-range of fitness and restorative classes at gyms throughout the U.S. while earning corporate wellness credits. So go for it, test-drive that new yoga studio near home or take a kickboxing class on the road to get rid of jet lag. Whatever the need, ActiveSoul is your on-demand source for getting it done. Here's a peak at some of the classes available to book on ActiveSoul that will rock your world!

Travel freely. Workout fearlessly.

cardio training
weight lifting

We Love to Give Back


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