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Be Awesome Everywhere.

Fitness is part of your day, part of your life, so make time for it - even when you're on the road. ActiveSoul makes it easy and convenient to squeeze in a workout. After all, working out is cheaper than therapy

Be On Time.

You booked a class - check. Now, how do I get there? With this app, you can automatically set it to schedule a Lyft pickup based on your location and the class time. You're running out of excuses!

Be Fit On The Go.

Yoga. Boxing. CrossFit. Zumba. Whatever you're in the mood for, use this fitness app to browse gym schedules near you, filter by class type, cost, users ratings and proximity to your location. The tough part will be picking just one.

Be Accountable.

When it comes to fitness, everyone says they worked out a little harder or longer than they usually do. The proof (or lack there of) is in the data. With this app you can track and share past sessions with friends or participating wellness programs. No fudging results with this app.

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Turn Friends into Motivation

Game on. Invite like-minded friends to accept your challenge and take part in a little friendly workout competition, that will keep you and them moving! With ActiveSoul, you can:

  • Track number of classes each person has taken.
  • Track distance each person runs, bikes, and walks.
  • Set start and end date for the challenge.
  • Make the challenge interesting by placing a wager.
  • Get real-time updates to see who's in the lead.
  • Create single or multiple two-person challenges.
  • Push notifications when your challenge signs up for a class.

The bonus? Epic bragging rights and winner claims the wager.

Place your bets.

Tap into the best app for gym classes at home or on the road.

You are an ActiveSoul, just like us. Regardless of where work or life takes you, staying healthy and working out is what keeps you on top of your game. With ActiveSoul, you can search and book a wide-range of fitness and restorative classes at gyms throughout the U.S. while earning corporate wellness credits. So go for it, test-drive that new yoga studio near home or take a kickboxing class on the road to get rid of jet lag. Whatever the need, ActiveSoul is your on-demand source for getting it done. Here's a peak at some of the classes available to book on ActiveSoul that will rock your world!

Travel freely. Workout fearlessly.

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