ActiveSoul is easy for employers and employees

Use to administer an incentive program
Offer the new benefit of gym reimbursement - (Save an average of 52% off traditional gym reimbursement programs)


The corporate wellbeing space is missing the mark. In a JAMA Study published April 2019, only exercise and the intention to manage weight were improved at worksites with a wellness program.

Exercise is medicine and the foundation for a wellbeing program.

An incentive plan with no administration - FINALLY!

All activity is tracked and automatically reported for wellness participation.

  • Customized dashboard for internal incentive programs
  • Replace the limited fitness options with your current Wellbeing Provider - we can share the data with them seamlessly
  • Direct, personalized push notifications and communication to encourage participation
  • Reduced cost because of automated process
  • Real-time reports or custom dashboards of workouts

Stop paying for wasted gym
memberships for employees

Gym reimbursement benefits to employer

  • Only pay for actual activity – savings average 52% on unused memberships
  • Employees are happy, healthier, and more productive
  • Effective employee retention tool
  • Only gym reimbursement program that can automatically interface with your existing wellness platform
  • “Real Time” dashboard available to broker, HR and wellness manager

Gym reimbursement features

  • No membership needed
  • Can set “use parameters,” i.e. “Workout 6 times and receive $60”
  • 25,000 gyms and studios available
  • Automated payroll reimbursement reports based on set parameters

Employees are happier, healthier,
and more productive